Vimation Enhances VIM® Platform

Dynamic Search Engine Optimized Player/Console for Flash Videos

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Dec. 8, 2008 - Vimation, Inc. has created a dynamic search engine optimization capability for Flash videos through its VIM® Platform. VIM has long featured the ability to output XML documents through its console, including all of the relevant searchable information related to all the videos in the console. The VIM Platform has now been enhanced so that the console can extract all of the information from each video and dynamically update the searchable information into a format for search engines to view.

David Hemingway, chief executive, Vimation, said the company has made two significant enhancements to its VIM Platform. “Content owners or publishers can extract content, such as video titles, descriptions and keywords, from the console and publish them automatically into a video site map format.

“But what our customers find really unique is that their searchable content within the console dynamically updates itself every time the console is populated with new videos, direct links to videos, title descriptions and keywords. All the content owner has to do is press ‘publish’ and the console automatically updates itself and is ready for the search engines to find the information. They only have to set up their site map page once to dynamically call the VIM XML, no more manual indexing of Flash video content for search engines,” Hemingway said.

Hemingway added that the search engines have been recommending for some time that websites looking to increase their SEO create site maps for their content. Google has recommended creating a site map for the video content that includes all the relevant information related to the video, such as title, description, thumbnail image, keywords, and direct links to the videos. He cited Google sitemap users as an example of how the enhanced VIM console benefits Vimation’s customers. “The VIM console creates and updates a video site map document that is preformatted per Google’s site map specifications ready for a customer to download and deliver,” he said.

Note to editors: To see an interactive video essay on this subject by David Hemingway:

About Vimation

Vimation is a video interactive media firm that has developed VIM® ,an enterprise-level, interactive video platform that enables consumers to lean forward and interact directly with a video to navigate, shop or 'drill-down' to obtain more information. The VIM Platform captures real-time reporting data and can individually target users by dynamically displaying the most relevant content available based on a profile, history or location. Publishers, brands and advertisers are now able to create an enhanced three-dimensional video environment and user experience that is interactive, dynamic and relevant to further engage the consumer. The VIM Platform does not require a website redesign and seamlessly integrates into an existing website and connects to any existing e-commerce or back-end data base.