Kirk Kopic Named President at Vimation

Former Google and DIRECTV Executive Joins Co-Founders of Video Interactive Media Firm

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Aug. 19, 2008 - Vimation, Inc. today announced that Kirk Kopic has joined the video interactive media firm as president. Kopic has more than 30 years of experience and leadership in companies such as Google, DIRECTV, CBS, and The Walt Disney Company. Most recently, at Google, Kopic was brought in as part of a senior team to launch Google's first efforts into offline media, and helped develop and implement cross platform sales efforts that combined online, search, radio, television, YouTube, newspaper and other media.

"Kirk is a proven problem-solving senior marketing executive who will play a key role in helping our customers transform their passive online video into a lean-forward, interactive experience that their customers expect when visiting their websites," said Peter Huh, chairman and co-founder, Vimation. "Kirk's rich experience mix in traditional and new media will be invaluable in assisting brand managers and publishers transition from their static website environments."

At DIRECTV Kopic led a team that grew ad sales more than six-fold, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, in 30 months, producing the top revenue growth stream for the company. He was honored at the Consumer Electronics Show as one of the most significant contributors to the company's move to profitability.

"What most attracted me to Vimation is its tagline, 'Without Us, It's Just Plain Video,' or as I like to say, 'It's the Internet...of course your online video has to be interactive," Kopic said. "It's surprising to see how slow the industry has adopted online interactive video, but I'm confident that once there is more awareness of our VIM Platform that the transformation will be rapid."

About Vimation

Vimation is a video interactive media firm that has developed VIM® ,an enterprise-level, interactive video platform that enables consumers to lean forward and interact directly with a video to navigate, shop or 'drill-down' to obtain more information. The VIM Platform captures real-time reporting data and can individually target users by dynamically displaying the most relevant content available based on a profile, history or location. Publishers, brands and advertisers are now able to create an enhanced three-dimensional video environment and user experience that is interactive, dynamic and relevant to further engage the consumer. The VIM Platform does not require a website redesign and seamlessly integrates into an existing website and connects to any existing e-commerce or back-end data base.