Retirement Living TV, First TV Network to Sign Partnership Agreement with Video Media Firm Vimation

Licensing and Development Partnership Results in State-of-the-Art, Three Level Video Player Premiering on WWW.RL.TV

Columbia, MD – May 6, 2008Retirement Living TV (RLTV), the first network dedicated to people 55+, has entered into an ongoing licensing and development partnership agreement with interactive video media firm Vimation of Newport Beach, California. The agreement is for the development of state-of-the-art interactive video players for the RLTV website, WWW.RL.TV. Of the 70 million people in the U.S. 55+, 81% use computers and 79% surf the web and visit sites. The players are a new premium feature for the RLTV website and its 55+ users, specially designed with multi-level capabilities that appeal to the demo and those interested in reaching them. The first level of the players’ abilities premieres this week on WWW.RL.TV. This function supports the network programs such as Retired & Wired, a technology information show for seniors as well as the RLTV Viral Network and will be incorporated throughout the site during the month of January.

RLTV is the first network, cable or broadcast with which Vimation has partnered. Other companies the video media firm has worked with include industry leaders such as Ford, Hyundai, Atari and Vehix.

“Having a partner that understands how the user interacts with content was critical in our choice of Vimation as a partner,” said Michael Balabon, VP New Media for RLTV. “They have the critical administrative and analytical tools necessary for us to get the best results out of this initiative while providing us with an enormous amount of analytical information on our users.”

By the end of Q2 08’ RLTV, working with Vimation, will launch a state-of-the-industry video search application with over 1,600 videos providing compelling and informative information to the 55+ community taken for Retirement Living TV’s content Library. This application will allow users to search for video across a broad spectrum of topics including health, caregiving, retirement planning and lifestyle as well as, key political issues. This player will provide an easy-to-use rich media search tool specifically designed to assist users in browsing for this key information.

Later in the year all of the Vimation Players will mix video content with advertising, in some cases allowing ad bug links to float in opened players that once clicked by viewers open commercials and advertisements in layered player windows.

“Retirement Living TV has quality programming and content with an exciting vision of putting it on their website, as well as syndication partner’s websites in an innovative context that allows the matching of show topics with advertising and product sales opportunities. We are excited about our partnership with RLTV and our hand in enabling their video programming online to become an enhanced, interactive video experience for their online viewers by taking advantage of our VIM Platform’s capabilities,” said David Hemingway, CEO of Vimation.

About Retirement Living TV

Retirement Living TV (RLTV) is the only network dedicated to informing, involving and inspiring people aged 55+. Launched in September 2006, the network has all original programming with established celebrities and journalists on topics including health, lifestyle, finance and politics. RLTV is the expert in the field of aging, guided by an internationally recognized team of gerontologists and researchers in addition to world class partners. The award-winning network is seen in 29 million homes across North America on DirecTV, Comcast and other video providers or by logging on to http://WWW.RL.TV.

About Vimation

VIMATION is a video interactive media firm that has developed VIM® an enterprise-level, interactive video platform that enables the ability for consumers to lean forward and interact directly with a video to navigate, shop or ‘drill-down’ to obtain more information. The VIM Platform captures real-time reporting data and can individually target users by dynamically displaying the most relevant content available based on a profile, history or location. Publishers ,brands and advertisers are now able to create an enhanced 3-dimensionalized video environment and user experience that is interactive, dynamic and relevant to further engage the consumer. The VIM Platform does not require a website redesign and seamlessly integrates into an existing website and connects to any existing Ecommerce or back-end data base.