News taps Vimation to Create Online Localized Interactive Network for Residential Real Estate Transactions

Engaging Buyers and Sellers with Premium Interactive Video Experience

Newport Beach, CA - February 2, 2008 – As the competition stiffened in a tough real estate market, brokers and agents have had to find a way to differentiate their property listings from all the others crammed into the local voluminous newspaper advertising sections. Internet-savvy homeowners are looking for innovative ways to list their properties beyond the traditional channels, such as newspapers and magazines.

For many real estate agents, the solution was, which combines the power of the Web with the latest, leading-edge video delivery and display technology to create a unique opportunity for real estate professionals, industry advertisers and online consumers to come together in a rich, video-centric environment. At the heart of is the technology-rich, interactive video platform developed by Vimation. RexNet’s integrated and user-friendly interface gives home seekers an immersive environment to interact with a property or a real estate agent video presentation.

“Eighty percent of homebuyers go to the internet to research properties they’re interested in and they’re looking for more than the photos and text that they can find in their local newspapers,” said Norvell Rose, founder and chief executive of “ is an excellent way for agents, brokers and home builders to engage their customers and completely immerse them in their properties. It’s also a great way for agents to attract more listings by demonstrating to homeowners that they understand the power of the internet.” “ The RexNet real estate platform structure is available for brokers and developers to brand as theirs and use to promote their own video content and create a better, more engaging video experience,” added Rose.

Borrell Associates, a research and consulting firm that tracks local advertising for online companies, predicts that in three years agents and brokers will be spending more ad dollars with online media than with the newspaper, according to a study the firm released in late November. The study revealed that ad spending on real estate has declined 3 percent this year, while spending on the online segment has grown 25.8 percent, hitting $2.6 billion.

David Hemingway, chief executive of Vimation, said, “When buyers go to the internet they want to lean forward to get more information.’s player features interactive video that lets a buyer drill down to get additional information related to a property, such as the local schools , as well as download a property video to a portable device.”

Norvell Rose added that agents, brokers and home builders are attracted to the video player because they have access to many features that are designed to help differentiate and build their businesses. Agents can measure their return on investment related to how many people viewed a property video, localize their online presence in a very targeted environment, and present dynamic advertising that is property specific. “If a seller is presenting a waterfront property, the localized advertising can be set to feature boating products, and the advertising is contextually relevant to the content,” said Rose.

About Vimation

Vimation ( is a video interactive media firm that has developed a proprietary online interactive video solution (VIM®) based on Flash technology that enables consumers to navigate, shop or browse by interacting directly with high quality video. This enhanced user experience allows users to click directly on a video to initiate an action while marketers can capture real-time reporting on the back-end and have the ability to individually target users and dynamically pull content based on profile or user history. Vimation’s VIM Platform does not require a website redesign. It seamlessly integrates into an existing website and connects to any existing e-commerce engine or back-end data base.