Accelerade Endurance Videos Find Mobile Strength

Mobile Marketing

By Giselle Abramovich

December 26, 2007 – Sports drink brand Accelerade and The Active Network (Active) teamed up this fall to produce 23 endurance training video podcasts conducted by six-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, Dave Scott. It paid off on mobile devices.

During the first three months of the campaign, it was claimed that visitors watched at least three of the videos and 21 percent of these visitors downloaded a video or audio podcast to a portable device. Three percent of visitors emailed an Accelerade video to a friend.

“The strategy for this program was a valuable sponsorship opportunity by creating a compelling and interactive video environment for the consumer to download valuable training videos or audio podcasts to their portable devices,” said David Hemingway, CEO of Vimation, Newport Beach, CA.

Active and Accelerade turned to Vimation and its interactive video platform to enable athletes to download video or audio podcasts to portable devices such as an iPod, allowing them to apply advice and instruction form Mr. Scott during their training drills.

The podcasts, which range from two to four minutes, cover six endurance topics: triathlon, cycling, running, swimming, nutrition and training.

“The campaigns goal was to first create an easy-to-use video envioronment for a very targeted audience on Active’s website [so users] can download video or audio versions to take with them on their portable device,” Mr. Hemingway said.

Secondly, to provide Accelerade a valuable sponsorship opportunity to associate their brand with the quality training videos,” he said. The innovative part of the program is that Accelerade is able to stay connected with the video and audio podcasts after they are downloaded to the consumer’s portable device and stay with the consumer in their daily lives.”

The campaign launched in August and will continue through the end of the year.

The engagement and interaction is astronomically higher than traditional web adverstising.” Mr. Hemingway said. “It shows how successful a campaign can be with content that is relevant to the audience.”

Associate Editor Giselle Abramovich covers ad networks, advertising, search, social networks , television and video.