Endurance Athletes Turn to Mobile Devices to Get Training Instruction from Six-Time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, Dave Scott

“It’s Like Having Dave Scott By Your Side During Training Drills”

Newport Beach, CA - December 11, 2007 – Athletes and weekend warriors have seized the latest mobile technology innovation to train for triathlons and other endurance events. Accelerade and The Active Network (Active) teamed up this fall to produce 23 endurance training video podcasts conducted by six-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion, Dave Scott. Accelerade and Active enlisted Vimation and its Interactive Video “VIM” platform to enable athletes to download video or audio podcasts to their portable devices, such as an iPod, allowing them to apply advice and instruction from Scott during their training drills.

During the first three months of the website, each website visitor on average watched at least three of the videos and 21 percent of these visitors downloaded a video or audio podcast to a portable device. Visitors clearly saw value in Scott’s training tips as videos were watched in their entirety nearly half the time one was clicked on. Three percent of visitors emailed an Accelerade video to a friend.

“These numbers are particularly significant when the latest research indicates that click-through rates on standard online banner ads are continuing to decline to the point where few people actually click on them,” said David Hemingway, chief executive officer, Vimation. “Brands need more dynamic and targeted approaches to engage consumers. This campaign is a great example of this because the downloaded video and audio podcasts include an Accelerade sponsorship tag that lives with the consumer on their portable devices in their daily lives.”

The podcasts, which range from two to four minutes, cover six endurance topics: triathlon, cycling, running, swimming, nutrition and training.

Hemingway, who has competed in numerous triathlons, including the Ironman, added, “It’s like having Dave Scott by your side while training at the pool, or before attempting a drill such as executing the transition from swim to bike more effectively to save precious seconds or minutes during a triathlon. An athlete no longer needs to remember in the middle of training what they saw or heard during a video on their computer at home or read in a book, Training tips and advice are immediately accessible via our portable devices.”