Spark Interest with Custom Video Portals


By Chad Beasley

April 9, 2007Jumpstart Automotive's VP of sales & creative development offers a case study on a video campaign built to engage consumers and draw them into a deeper brand relationship.

Everyone wants to stand out from the pack and produce online promotional content that not only engages consumers but draws them into a deeper relationship as well. Here is a view of Hyundai's latest endeavor to accomplish this goal.

Hyundai's new Veracruz, a premium SUV crossover, made its debut at the 2007 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in January. To capture attention at the country's largest auto show, Hyundai first turned its press conference into a concert, with a little help from two of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra's finest guitarists. Then, to generate buzz online and leverage the glitz and glamour of the unveilings at NAIAS, Hyundai and partner Carat Fusion launched the Veracruz online with a first-of-its-kind custom video portal.

Jumpstart Automotive Media in conjunction with partner HowStuffWorks / Consumer Guide Automotive sponsored a film crew to shoot original video from the floor of the Detroit auto show, which was to be contained in the player. The portal approach provides a fresh new way for customers to research and shop for the Veracruz.

Video technology

Hyundai and Jumpstart Automotive enlisted Vimation to create and host the Veracruz interactive player, using the company's VIM clickable video technology. The interactive video player incorporates one main and seven sub-clickable videos for the viewer to research features and benefits of the Veracruz. While watching the main video, which highlights general features of the vehicle, the viewer can select a topic of interest and, when prompted, click on the video to explore additional videos highlighting Veracruz's key features, such as the exterior, interior, performance and safety (which were filmed separately with a tighter focus).

All of the vehicle's relevant information via videos, audio, images and text are aggregated into one player. The viewer can jump to different topics through the videos and they have immediate control of what they want to watch and research.

"The Veracruz interactive player takes full advantage of the emotional aspects of video by transforming the experience into an interactive, non-linear presentation. The viewer is in complete control of the content and can lean forward to explore the multitude of sub-videos highlighting the Veracruz' features and benefits aggregated into one player environment," said David Hemingway, chief executive officer, Vimation.

When done, the user exits the sub-video and returns to what they were watching in the main video. More than 40 metrics will be measured on a real-time basis, including the number of repeat visitors, which videos are being viewed the most, how long each video is viewed, how many times an interactive element is clicked and the location where each viewer is watching. The portal will also live at

The Hyundai Veracruz Unveil program received (and continues to receive) a ton of exposure via Consumer Guide Automotive, HowStuffWorks and through behavioral targeting. The main target is obviously Hyundai intenders, but it also reaches out to all SUV intenders, as well as targeted competitors. Sara Nelson, media supervisor at Carat Fusion, LA, said, "This innovative product allows us to show our client how we are able to increase Hyundai consideration online due to the expansive reporting (including average view time and viral emails). We are very happy with the way this product announced the unveiling of the new Veracruz with a capture of it at Detroit, but then also provided the consumer with all the important attributes and features of the new crossover SUV."

When the Veracruz goes on sale later this year, it will be ready to challenge big time players like the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander. Unfortunately, there's no place to check back with the performance by the two Detroit Symphony Orchestra's guitarists, but the unveiling of the 2007 Hyundai Veracruz will forever live in this valuable video experience.