Click on Hyundai’s Online 2007 Veracruz and Take It for a Spin

Featuring Clickable Video Technology

April 2, 2007 – Hyundai Motor America has introduced a new way for its customers to research and shop with the launch of the Veracruz interactive video player. Available on the Consumer Guides/How Stuff Works website (, the interactive video player incorporates one main and seven sub clickable videos for the viewer to research features and benefits of the all-new 2007 Veracruz SUV.

While watching the main video that highlights general features of the vehicle, the viewer can select a topic of interest and, when prompted, click on the video to explore additional sub videos highlighting Veracruz’s key features, such as the exterior, interior, performance and safety. When done, the viewer exits the sub video and returns to what they were watching in the main video.

Hyundai and Jumpstart Automotive enlisted Vimation to create the Veracruz interactive player utilizing the company’s VIM® clickable video technology.

“The Veracruz interactive video player provides a compelling and innovative way for our customers to research the Veracruz,” said Joel Ewanick, Vice President of Marketing, Hyundai. “All of the vehicle’s relevant information via videos, audio, images and text is aggregated into one player. The viewer can jump to different topics through the videos and they have control of what they want to watch and research.”

David Hemingway, chief executive officer of Vimation, said companies that utilize interactive video have a distinct advantage over their competitors. “Loyalty is the hardest commodity to earn on the internet. The only way to earn it is to give the user a personalized and relevant experience, one where they can lean forward and investigate while benefiting from the emotional aspect of a video presentation.”

Hemingway said Vimation’s technology makes it possible for Hyundai to syndicate the Veracruz player into any website while still keeping the content centrally administered. More than 40 metrics will be measured on a real-time basis, including repeat visitors, which videos are being viewed the most, how long each video is viewed, every time an interactive element is clicked and the location in the country where each viewer is watching.

‘We’re always looking for new ways to push video content created specifically for the web,” said Dave Latham, West Coast Sales Manager at Jumpstart Automotive Media. “Hyundai has given us this great opportunity to create some unique content while the Vimation technology helps us take it to the next level.”