Vimation and UniWorld Group Partner to Produce Online Interactive Video for Lincoln

Clickable Video Will Put Consumers “Behind the Wheel” of the Zephyr

New York, NY - November 6, 2006 – Vimation, Inc., a video interactive media firm that has developed a proprietary online video solution, VIM®, based on the Flash technology, today announced it has been selected by UniWorld Group, Inc. to produce the first online interactive video for the Lincoln Zephyr.

UniWorld Group created the currently airing 30-second television commercial, Renaissance, featuring the poetry of Langston Hughes and filmmaker Melvin Van Peebles, for the Zephyr luxury sedan. The commercial celebrates the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance and spotlights Lincoln’s heritage in the African American community.

Vimation will use existing footage to create an online interactive video solution that will allow potential Zephyr purchasers to interact directly with moving video by clicking on features of the car to get more information, then continue watching the rest of the video.

“By interacting directly with the Zephyr video, consumers will become more emotionally involved with the experience and more motivated to take action – whether its investigating the Zephyr’s features or getting dealer information,” said David Hemingway, chief executive, Vimation. “The television commercial grabs their interest. The online interactive video puts them in control to gather information in a compelling environment and involves them in a showroom-like experience.”

Albert Thompson, UniWorld Group’s director of interactive services, said he was impressed with Vimation’s ability to seamlessly integrate with an existing website and how VIM makes online video more dynamic.

“Vimation’s interactive video solution allows us the ability to personalize and make the content more relevant to each potential Zephyr purchaser. It’s targeted and contextually relevant to the individual,” said Thompson. “With the proliferation of broadband, video is becoming more popular online. But we also want to make it more dynamic. It’s an emerging technology that has numerous potential extensions beyond the internet.”

Thompson added that a key factor in choosing Vimation was its individual behavioral targeting capabilities through real-time reporting. “At the end of the day, an interactive video needs to be more than clickable. It must be a measurable sales tool,” he said.

Hemingway added, “On the internet, video should be used as both a branding element and a direct sales tool, which can’t be accomplished on television. If marketers think just about views, they’re missing the real power video can serve online.”

Consumers who visit the Lincoln website to interact with the video, planned to launch at the beginning of August, also will be able to interact with behind-the-scenes footage of the commercial shoot, including interviews with director Van Peebles, as well as gain more information on the Harlem Renaissance.

The 2006 Lincoln Zephyr

With the 2006 Lincoln Zephyr, Lincoln introduced an entirely new generation of consumers to the qualities that have made Lincoln a classic American luxury marque for more than 70 years. Zephyr has a bold and distinctive exterior design, a rich, inviting interior with high-quality materials and a confident, luxurious driving character.

Vimation, Inc. ( is a video interactive media firm that has developed a proprietary online video solution based on the Flash technology, the VIM Module. VIM, which does not require a website redesign, seamlessly integrates into an existing website, and connects to any existing e-commerce engine or back-end database.