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What We Do

Vimation, a video interactive media firm has developed an Interactive Video and Rich Media Platform called VIM®. The VIM Platform enables video to become interactive where consumers are able lean forward and interact directly with a video to get more information, shop or navigate online. Publishers, brands and advertisers are now able to create an enhanced video environment and user experience that is interactive, dynamic and customizable to further engage the consumer by providing compelling and relevant content. Formed in 2003, Vimation is a leader in Interactive Video and the first company to enable Ecommerce through moving video.

Some of the core benefits built into the VIM Platform, include:

A Better Video Environment: A Lean-Forward Interactive Video Experience

What sets the VIM Platform apart is its ability to offer direct interactivity between the user and the video. This ground-breaking feature ‘3-dimensionalizes’ the user’s video viewing experience, transforming passive linear video into an enhanced video experience where the user is invited to interact to navigate, shop or ‘drill down’ to obtain more information.

The VIM Platforms Listens and Adjusts: Dynamic Content & Dynamic Playlist Generation

The real-time reporting capabilities of the VIM Platform allows publishers and content owners to present the most relevant content available, dynamically, to each individual consumer based on a profile, history, behavior or location. This ability to dynamically change content for individual users allows marketers to provide a highly personalized and relevant experience for its viewers.

A Better Advertising Environment: Alternative to Pre-Roll Advertising Units

The VIM Platform creates an advertising environment where video is no longer limited to linear playback, like pre-roll ads or overlays that prompt a linear pre-roll ad. Publishers can now enable advertisers’ video ads to become an interactive sales tool that is actionable, as well as taking product placement to the next level.

E-commerce through Interactive Video

VIM’s Interactive video capabilities bring product placement to a whole new level. Now, the emotional element of video content and advertising can become ‘actionable’, driving the performance of online media to hew heights. The user can click highlighted spots within the video to learn more about a product, request personalized information, or make a purchase, and the VIM Platform seamlessly interfaces with the host company’s Ecommerce engine to complete the sale.